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Individuals who are a citizen of India with permanent physical disabilities are eligible to apply for the various Programs offered by Shamsher Foundation. Shamsher Foundation uses the International Paralympic Committee classification standards as a guideline for our program eligibility.

An individual must have a permanent physical disability that can be classified within the IPC guidelines, and permanently impairs the mobility of the individual, affects the neuromuscular system, and/or impairs balance or motor control. Cognitive or developmental disabilities, chronic illnesses or pain syndromes, and strictly health related conditions do not meet Shamsher Foundations eligibility guidelines. Teams, organizations, etc. are also not eligible to apply.

Shamsher Foundation offers only one grant category. You can apply for that category for anytime. More details for each category are below.

Sport Nutritional Supplements Program – provides recipients with sports nutritional supplements to be used for sport-related activities.

Equipment Grant – Currently this is being funded based on greatest financial need basis and athlete applications are not being accepted. This will change in the future as more funding becomes available.

Applicants are required to upload multiple pieces of documentation to their profile and application in order for their grant request to be considered. Applicants will need:

  • Medical verification of disability: Applicants will be required to upload into their profile a medical document that verifies their disability. This task must be completed before you can begin the grant application.
    Returning applicants can use the same document uploaded in previous years. If you are a first-time applicant, the medical verification documentation can be any form that states your permanent physical disability and comes from a medical professional/source, or you can use the downloadable template provided in the profile have you have medical professional fill it out for you to upload.
  • Two high-quality photos of the applicant, preferably playing their sport.
  • Financial documentation to show proof of annual income. You need financial documentation because Shamsher Foundation awards grants based on greatest financial need. We require financial documentation to verify your financial need. Documents can include a tax statements, government assistance letter, bank account statements, etc. Please redact all sensitive personal information before you upload.

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