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The Shamsher Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides support for physically challenged and specially abled athletes.

The foundation was an idea by Junior Shamsher Aangrish,s/o Mr. Sheru Aangrish & Nisha Aangrish, with a passionate vision of helping physically challenged and specially abled athletes to fulfill their dreams.

We at Shamsher Foundation have started an initiative to educate, train & provide physically challenged athletes with essential health supplements, which are usually missing from their diets because they are mostly coming from very low-income families.

We started with a concept, which is unlike other foundations. Once an athlete is enrolled and accepted into the program, it’ll be for as long as the athlete competes. The health supplements that they’ll receive will continue every month as long as they keep competing or when they themselves ask us to pass on the favor to someone who’s in actual need at that time.

We have plans to employ, give jobs, and equal opportunities to people from the same community as we grow. We want to treat them like our own kids and make them feel responsible.

In addition, the foundation will eventually be conducting workshops from time to time to help train athletes and provide them with the skills they need to succeed.

The Shamsher Foundation provided and will continue to provide a platform for athletes to showcase their talents and skills at The Sheru Classic, Asia’s largest bodybuilding shows and sports festival.

Thus, the Shamsher Foundation is on a mission to provide opportunities and resources that enable physically challenged and specially abled athletes to lead fulfilling lives.

We shall try and stay committed to the cause, which will eventually make a difference in the lives of the kids who are a little less fortunate than the others.

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