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2023 Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair Bodybuilding Results — Let’s Check out the Winners!!!

The 2023 Arnold Classic, held during the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, OH, showcased a total of seven bodybuilding divisions spread over two days of competition. On March 4, 2023, the Wheelchair division took center stage in the morning.

Harold “King Kong” Kelley maintained his impressive winning streak from the 2022 Olympia held in December 2022, securing his sixth Arnold Classic title. The following are the official results of the competition:

2023 Arnold Classic Results — Wheelchair Division

Harold Kelley- First

Tory Jones- Second

Bradley Betts- Third

Woody Belfort- Fourth

James Berger- Fifth

Tim Caldwell- Sixth

The Shamsher Foundation, founded by Sheru Angrish, was the gold sponsor for the 2023 Arnold Classic Wheelchair Bodybuilding competition. As a co-founder of the Sheru Classic and a respected figure in the fitness industry, Angrish was on hand to present awards to the competition’s winners. The Shamsher Foundation’s involvement in the event demonstrates our commitment to promoting inclusive fitness and providing opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in sports and physical activities. Angrish’s presence at the event also highlights his ongoing dedication to supporting and recognizing exceptional athletes within the bodybuilding community.

The Shamsher Foundation would like to extend its warmest congratulations and sincere appreciation to Harold Kelley for his outstanding performance and victory at the 2023 Arnold Classic. We recognize the tremendous amount of dedication, hard work, and perseverance required to achieve such a remarkable feat, and we are truly inspired by Harold’s exceptional skills and talents as an athlete. His determination and commitment to excellence have earned him well-deserved recognition and respect within the Wheelchair division and the broader sporting community. As a foundation that supports and celebrates the achievements of individuals who overcome obstacles and strive for greatness, we are honored to send our heartfelt congratulations to Harold Kelley on his remarkable accomplishment.

The Unmatched Success of Harold Kelley

In 2016, Harold Kelley made a stunning debut in the Arnold Classic and emerged victorious, marking a major milestone in his professional career. While he only competed in one pro show that year, Kelley’s success in the Arnold Classic propelled him to new heights in the years that followed, solidifying his reputation as a dominant force in the bodybuilding world.

Kelley successfully defended the Arnold Wheelchair throne in both 2017 and 2018, and in the latter year, he achieved his first Olympia title. He continued his dominance in 2019, remaining undefeated at the Arnold and claiming his fourth title.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic causing the cancellation of numerous pro bodybuilding shows in 2020, Kelley emerged victorious once again, securing his fifth Arnold title and third Olympia title. In 2021, however, Kelley opted not to participate in the Arnold, choosing instead to maintain his position on the Olympia throne.

In 2022, Kelley faced a setback at the Arnold when Andriulli managed to surpass the reigning “King Kong.” This was the only instance where Kelley’s record was marred at the event. Nevertheless, Kelley’s reign as the top athlete in the Wheelchair division was quickly restored in 2023, and he continues to hold the title as the athlete to beat.

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